Altria's logbook.

Valendian Illegible numbers 709 Taurus 12th.

My first raid with the others went better than expected. The crew of the Cerelity and its captain seem to be at least decent in mind and skill. If anything they are a curious bunch far diverse from one another. So far I have not been asking any questions. Seeing how Sir Jaeger eyes my helm however I will most likely have to slip a few answers myself. He thinks I have killed a Judge or stolen it from their corpse.
In a way I guess I have. But I can see he has his own secrets. “Old” habits die hard.

Much about the crew however reminds me of Centurio. Especially the Bangaa Kanac. His presence on the ship is pleasant, in an odd way. That energy and zest in all that he tries his hands at is refreshing. He is far more graceful in his movement than any common bangaa, most of them used to having their way through bludgeoning things. Somehow this red mage ended up as the chef on the ship. His cooking is far different from the cosine I’m used to but I often find myself looking forward to trying them. Even the if its a bit spicy for my taste. His cooking seems to stem from the heart, his harsh exterior probably hides that fact from most.

The Veira should have noticed. Their species is among the most perceptive I’v encountered. Never seen one of the feline tribe until now however. And absolutely not a male. Knowing how protective the Veira are of their men having Wumu along could be dangerous. He is of the withdrawn sort yet his eyes absorbing every new thing we se with wonder and curiosity. Curiosity may be the death of him some day. I doubt he will ever give me a reason for turning on him. But it could very well be that he is not as timid as he acts. And with the right environments he is quite the efficient weapon.

One would think the young girl Rou is out of place on a pirates ship. Almost painfully cute, the typical sorts seen in families better of than the norm. That is until one gets to see more of her. Rou is a rough one, manhandling most objects as well as people. When opening her mouth she reminds me of a seeq sailor, at least she only smells of oil and grease instead of how they reek. In a fight she shows her belonging, her gear adjusted for mobility and like any skilled engineer a quick tinker even on the field. Then all of a sudden she stands there bludgeoning a monsters face in with her oversized wrench. I expect that from the bangaa, not from a frail looking hume. It is clear her sense of adventure is what has drawn her to the pirate crew. She loves the heights and holds a passion for weapons and machines. Captain — did well in bringing her along.

Side note: Norell would have loved to dress her up in something pretty and frilly with sweet flowers in her hair. I am most certain that Rou would loath it.

The captain himself is a curiosity. Good looking, strong willed yet clearly a troubled man with a smoldering hatred for Arcadia. I would suspect him Dalmascan. With the recent war having ravaged the land of Dalmasca it would not be shocking if he was caught in the middle of it. He could have had friends in the army who were left to waste away in the Nalbina dungeons. Or he could come from a small village close to the border, devoured by the endless troops from the imperial army. In these times Arcadias conquests were many. Yet it seems it turned in his favor, being the current captain of a fine ship after all.

And then there is of course myself. I would personally suspect that more common sky pirates are deflectors from armies, thugs without pay turning to crime or unfortunate people who are simply picked up and put to work on the ship they end up on. I would have to search pretty far and wide to find a group more colorful than this. But this could be a good experience.
We shall see where we will end up.

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